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Driver speed, texting is the new drunk driving

Streetsblog’s Angie Schmitt brings to light a really important issue that we think about every day at Mobility Lab. She notes that Americans spend more time on average every day driving their cars than socializing with other people. And this is likely skewing the ways people think about and care about other people as they… Read more »

New podcast aims to change the conversation about public transit – NextCity

An intriguing podcast idea has been underway for a bit in the Twin Cities. Here to There, by local public affairs agency Apparatus along with Transit for Livable Communities and St. Paul Smart Trips, is a 10-episode series that looks at different ways people are affected by transportation. Co-host Laura Monn Ginsburg says the show is driven… Read more »

Transit should be uncluttered onboard and in its advertising

Mobility Lab recently published an article on how transit agencies nationwide should pool their resources to do an advertising campaign they can all use. Now, I think marketing is overrated in general, but it has its purpose, and transit could use any boost it can get. That being said, I disagree with Ethan Goffman’s Mobility… Read more »

National advertising effort needed by local transit agencies

Transit in this country faces an advertising challenge. With limited budgets, transit agencies are competing with a plethora of ads—and free, earned media attention—from more prestigious and hipper corporations such as Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Uber, and Lyft. I wonder if it would be possible for transit agencies to combine efforts – and budgets – in… Read more »

The world’s most elegant public transit campaign – CityLab

As an antidote to our distaste for Denver’s latest transit messaging, a wave of enjoyment is rushing over us to see the pure joy and inspiration Toronto is building for its public-transportation options. The Toronto Transit Commission has a new fleet of subway and streetcars, so why not show them off in style? In its latest… Read more »

Why would Denver RTD want its mascot to be a total jerk?

Yes, we get it, there are rude jerks on mass transit everywhere. But once again, it seems like the public-transportation industry is missing an opportunity. With the Denver Regional Transportation District’s ridership heading downward, couldn’t the system try inspiring people about its product rather than highlighting the things that people think are its worst aspects? A… Read more »

Inspiring transit ridership requires meeting people where they are

Preferences and need are major factors that influence whether people take public transportation. And communicating to those people in the places they visit throughout their day is a key to improving and inspiring transit ridership. A new report from the American Public Transportation Association, Who Rides Public Transportation?, reveals insights that will be useful to… Read more »

Arizona DOT’s quirky messaging is working – Arizona State Press

The Arizona Department of Transportation’s recent efforts to add a little fun to its traffic safety messaging is a nice model for all kinds of messaging for public-transportation agencies and advocates. Efforts such as messaging contests for the public and using pop-culture references in highway digital signage have created massive new social-media audiences for the… Read more »

Swedish ad perfectly skewers self-driving hype – The Verge

The hype and mystery surrounding the technology behind (and impact of) autonomous vehicles can reach a fever pitch all too easily. It’s likely that while AVs change some things, for many people the benefits can already be achieved through transit. One ad for a Swedish transit agency has produced an ad that elegantly makes this… Read more »