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Contest Reveals Importance of People’s Non-Commute Trips

Each year in May, RIDE Solutions in Southwest Virginia hosts a Clean Commute Challenge as part of its National Bike Month activities. In the past, participants only logged commute trips, but for the 2015 contest, we opened trip types up to a variety of non-commute options, including dining, shopping, business meetings, religious services, and volunteer… Read more »

Strong Messages Needed to Influence America’s Seven “Transportation Types”

America has seven “transportation types,” according to a new study by TransitCenter, and these seven common attitudes should inspire more creativity for communicators and marketers aiming to help increase ridership on public transportation. You can see the seven different types in the chart to the right. Two types are not worth focusing on at all…. Read more »

Video: Transportation Solutions for Aging in Auto-Centric America

The vast majority of us will outlive our driving years by about a decade. That means we’ll need to rely on a variety of transportation services to help us get around. While 42 percent of area agencies on aging offer older drivers safety training so that we can stay on the road longer, fewer than… Read more »

To Drive or Not to Drive

Unfortunately, many older adults avoid ever asking themselves the question in this headline, as our culture largely dictates that you must be autonomous in order to be valued. So instead, older adults independently reduce their driving in stages, with nights and highways the first to go. But they refuse to contemplate a time when they… Read more »

NEWS RELEASE: Transportation Solutions Presented to Guide Seniors through Driving Retirement

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – The population of seniors 65 years and older in the U.S. is set to double over the next 25 years. And society – particularly our transportation systems meant to keep people mobile and active – is not prepared for this “silver tsunami.” Finding the keys to what needs to happen to prepare… Read more »

Why Grandma Needs to Learn How to Ride the Bus

When Complete Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) were thriving during the last few decades, one of their most popular selling points was ease of transition. As the argument went, moving to a new community can be jarring for elderly people so folks should move to a CCRC in their 50s, allowing time to adjust to the… Read more »

Seniors and Boomers Are Creating Happy Homes for Aging

Increasingly, a variety of options is available for living in community as we age. In his newly published book, How to Retire Happy, Stan Hinden, a former syndicated Washington Post columnist, talks about some of these alternatives. I know Stan because I frequently visit his wife Sara at a group home where she now lives…. Read more »

Senior Villages Promote “Aging-in-Community”

Retirees around the country have taken their futures into their own hands. People who have led highly independent lives are abandoning the idea of retirement communities by deciding to “age in place.” Over the last decade, people in some neighborhoods have created nonprofit Senior Villages that enable elderly members to stay in their own homes… Read more »