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Contest Reveals Importance of People’s Non-Commute Trips

Each year in May, RIDE Solutions in Southwest Virginia hosts a Clean Commute Challenge as part of its National Bike Month activities. In the past, participants only logged commute trips, but for the 2015 contest, we opened trip types up to a variety of non-commute options, including dining, shopping, business meetings, religious services, and volunteer… Read more »

Film Festival Helps Build Roanoke Bike Culture

RIDE Solutions in Roanoke, Virginia has a long history of working with the local arts and culture scene to reduce traffic in the region. We have worked with: the Roanoke Arts Commission on: an art bike rack, a bicycle-based tour of public art installations, and a program called Art by Bus the independent Roanoke Arts… Read more »

How Tricky “Automobile Love Affair” PR Buried Roanoke’s Treasured Past

America’s love affair with the automobile, as a recent Washington Post piece points out, is largely a fabrication. Author Emily Badger recounts the myth’s origin in 1961 as the launch of a very successful public-relations campaign to, among other things, build support for massive infrastructure projects that were proposed in cities across the country –… Read more »

3 Lessons Working for the Newspaper Teaches About Transportation Choice

I came to the transportation demand management (TDM) industry after an eight-year stint with the local daily newspaper, working as a marketing analyst in the circulation department. My time there corresponded with massive changes in the newspaper industry brought on by new ways of delivering information, by skyrocketing fuel costs that drove up delivery expenses,… Read more »

“Bicycles Are Not Toys,” And Other Ways to Target Your Messages

  In a recent article on Mobility Lab, bike advocate Veronica O. Davis noted that she thinks there is too much emphasis on “biking to work” and not enough on “biking for recreational purposes.” Interesting point, but I’m not sure I agree. Granted, if one is promoting utilitarian cycling, jumping right into bicycle commuting may… Read more »

Uber, Lyft May Add Convenience … And Traffic Jams

This article is adapted from one published at RIDE Solutions. Uber and Lyft aren’t in Roanoke yet, but they’re now, temporarily, legal in Virginia. For cities like mine, where Uber and Lyft will eventually arrive, it may be time to ask what these companies bring to the sustainable transportation table? As it turns out, it may not… Read more »

Building a Fun Bike Culture in Roanoke, Virginia

This article is excerpted from an interview with the author in The Roanoke Times. Having a bike culture means that a community recognizes and respects the use of a bicycle as a transportation option, regardless if one rides regularly or not. It means bicycles are regularly used for utilitarian as well as recreational purposes, and… Read more »