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Bringing transportation options to small and mid-sized cities

Quality transit, abundant ride-hailing apps, and quick-trip bikeshare systems are largely assumed to be the province of big cities, but small and mid-sized cities are getting in on the game too. That was the takeaway at a workshop during this week’s Shared Mobility Summit in Chicago titled, “Scaling Shared Mobility in Small to Mid-sized Cities.”… Read more »

How does actual sharing fit into the sharing economy?

It’s safe to say that, in 2016, the sharing economy has gone mainstream. What’s funny about this is that what most people are referring to when we talk about this segment of the economy has little to do with sharing. I was thinking about this while I rode my hotel’s “shared bicycle” ($22 for four hours)… Read more »

Five big lessons to help small cities expand shared mobility

Discussions on shared mobility often focus on transportation solutions for high-density city neighborhoods. But most of the recent growth in the U.S. – and by far the greatest share of urbanized land – is now in suburban areas outside the urban core, as well as in smaller, lower-density cities. This issue was addressed recently at… Read more »

Shared-Use Mobility Industry Needs Centralized “Swat Team”

Peter Torrellas, an evangelist for efficient planning and management of infrastructure, recently took a walk around New York City with his Floridian mother who he discovered had never heard of bikeshare. While the hundreds of transportation experts in attendance at the Innovation in Mobility Public Policy Summit in Washington D.C. this week are mostly deep… Read more »