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Arlington develops path for getting public on board with bikeshare

While humans have been planning cities and transportation networks for millennia, planning for bikeshare is something new. In just the last few years, many American cities have launched ambitious bikeshare services – with systems in at least 78 major U.S. cities – all aimed at providing a new transportation option. Planners have learned much about… Read more »

Which Attributes Make a Community Successful?

This was a presentation I gave along with my colleagues from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments at Mobility Lab in Arlington on February 27, 2014. It details what our Region Forward team is doing in regards to strengthening the economic vitality of “activity centers” throughout the Washington D.C. region. This looks in particular at the… Read more »

Arlington’s Strategies Integrate Community Development and Transportation

[Editor’s note: Arlington County’s Director of Transportation Dennis Leach presented this slideshow at the recent Transportation Research Board annual conference in Washington D.C.] Arlington’s strategies have yielded substantial economic, transportation, and environmental benefits – allowing continued growth with less reliance on auto trips, and more use of  transit and other travel options. It isn’t just… Read more »