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More people in the DC region are teleworking. Here’s how to get started.

In the last few years, the D.C. region has quietly seen a significant rise in the number of people teleworking. According to last year’s regional State of the Commute report, 10 percent of the area’s workers now primarily telework, and nearly one-third of all workers report teleworking at least some of the time (on average, 1.5… Read more »

Virginians are diversifying travel habits, want more transportation options, state survey says

Commute survey also shows telework increasing, with potential for more Virginia is seeing several trends that offer encouragement to areas racked with congestion, according to the recently released 2015 Virginia Statewide Travel Study. “Overall, between 2007 and 2015, use of transit increased by 33 percent, even though people didn’t perceive that there was an increase in transit… Read more »

Pope visit highlights an overlooked option: teleworking

In the weeks ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to Washington, D.C., transportation agencies predicted three days of dire traffic and crowds flooding the District – comparable to those from a presidential inauguration. However, as the schedule of events played out, many residents were pleasantly surprised to see empty streets, light traffic, and significantly smaller crowds… Read more »

Transportation Agencies: Focus Less on Telework

When I first moved to Washington D.C., I shared an apartment with a graduate-school classmate and her husband. Every Wednesday, he would leave for his job and I would leave for mine, but she would stay behind, and start work by sitting down on the couch and remotely logging in to her office computer. There… Read more »

New Regional Study Details How Commuters Get To and From Arlington

What proportion of commuters to and from Arlington regularly drive alone, bike, walk, take transit, carpool or vanpool, or telework? The high-level answer to that question is that, of the 131,300 employed Arlington residents, about 53.3 percent who commute from a home in Arlington usually drive alone, while about 55.3 percent of the 180,300 people… Read more »

New Census Data: Arlington Residents Continue Using High-Efficiency Modes for Commuting

The 2012 American Community Survey Data show numerical changes in the way Arlingtonians get to work, but the differences are not statistically significant. Yesterday, the Census Bureau released new American Community Survey (ACS) data for 2012. Between 2011 and 2012, Arlington residents maintained their high rates of biking, walking, and transit use, with small percentage… Read more »

Initial Findings from the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board’s 2013 “State of the Commute” Study

The National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (part of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments or “MWCOG”) has begun analyzing data from its 2013 “State of the Commute” study. Analysis shows that teleworking is growing in popularity around the region, and that the Federal government, through its telework policies, is leading the way. Preliminary results … Read more »

Shifting Demand for Car Trips = Huge Savings

The Natural Resources Defense Council released a report today finding that commuters in the U.S. could save about $1,800 each year if they incorporated carpooling, public transit, or telecommuting into their daily transportation routines. By doing so, the report concludes they could reduce their total vehicle miles traveled by up to 50 percent. Howard Jennings,… Read more »

2013 Will be the Year of Streamlining Our Business Lives – Forbes

How quickly will the workplace evolve in 2013? Brett Caine, a vice president at Citrix Online Services, has written a fascinating article at Forbes, and many of his trends portend good things for reducing our solo-driving footprints for getting to our jobs. By embracing technology, Caine envisions that businesses increasingly will offer work-at-home options to… Read more »

Alternative Work Schedules Improve Productivity … And Traffic

My company, Arlington Transportation Partners (a close collaborator with Mobility Lab, and located in the same office suite) helps employers throughout the county with transportation options like tax-free transit benefits, brochure services, and bike commuter facilities. However, did you know that there are additional commuter benefit policies that have nearly no cost and require less time… Read more »