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Taking notes: Creative students, campuses thinking beyond driving

Alarm, shower, coffee, breakfast. Up until the moment the door slams, weekday-morning routines might be virtually standard across generations of Americans – but if that next step takes you to a sidewalk rather than a driver’s seat, chances are you’re a millennial. More than ever before, young people in the United States are choosing not… Read more »

American University Freshmen Creatively Oriented to D.C. Transit

On most days in Washington D.C., if you ride on Metrorail, Metrobus, or DC Circulator, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fellow commuters with their faces intently reading the newspaper, a best-selling novel, texting, or playing games on their mobile device. What you probably wouldn’t expect to see on public transit is nearly 200 college freshmen… Read more »

Why Car Traffic and Free Parking are Bad for Campuses

College campuses are one of the few havens left in the United States where traffic and exhaust-spewing cars are not so overwhelming. After all, remember those days of walking across the grassy quad or having a coffee in a peaceful nook with classmates and clear skies? There are countless reasons for minimizing vehicle traffic at… Read more »