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Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Now boarding, eastbound bike train to Rosslyn

During SafeTrack, “bike trains” for new riders will supplement Metro’s Orange and Silver lines through Arlington, Va. When SafeTrack maintenance surges first kick in on June 4, there’s no denying that Arlington and Northern Virginia will be uniquely affected for the first two months of the year-long program. Single-tracking and station closures on the Orange,… Read more »

There is No Right or Wrong Way to Be a Cyclist

This article was also published by BikeArlington. If you’re interested in starting to ride a bike, be it for leisure, fitness, convenience, or whatever, you almost certainly have sought out advice on how to get started. You might have heard people say that “road bikes are the best,” “a cruiser bike is all you need,”… Read more »

BikeArlington Encourages the “Concerned 60%” to Get on a Bike

Don’t ride a bicycle? Arlington County wants to change that. The Virginia county is committed to getting as many residents as possible on a car-free diet, and encouraging more of its residents to get around by bike is one way the county is achieving this goal. Arlington’s BikeArlington team makes biking more accessible to its residents, performing outreach… Read more »

How to Combat “Bikelash?” Embrace It

There will always be those who are resistant to change. These are the people who fight the Columbia Pike Streetcar despite credible evidence of its return on investment. These are the ones who use rhetoric like “war on cars” and are fond of excessive punctuation. And lately, these are the people who write angry op-eds… Read more »

Ten Things I Learned at TransportationCamp

TransportationCamp DC ‘14, organized by Mobility Lab, Open Plans, Conveyal, Young Professionals in Transportation, the Transportation Research Board, and the George Mason University School of Public Policy, took place Saturday. With more than 400 registered attendees (totally sold out), the third-annual conference in D.C. (it happens in other places like Atlanta and San Francisco as well) contained more information than one… Read more »

Why You Should Participate in Bike to Work Day

May is Bike Month throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in the D.C. region specifically, tomorrow is Bike to Work Day. It’s a big party day for area cyclists, even those who regularly commute by bike. Last year, more than 12,000 people registered at a number of pit stops throughout the region, where they were treated to… Read more »

Transportation and Health: A Tour of the Future

In the world of “total health,” transportation and food are part of the health system. These industries combined make up a large chunk of the workforce and produce a large chunk of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. (The GHG numbers need to be interpreted with great care because there’s probably overlap between the industries. If you… Read more »

Pedaling Towards Peaceful Coexistence

This week I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the Kojo Nnamdi Radio Show on WAMU 88.5 in Washington D.C. The topic was “Our Region’s Growing Bike Culture” (listen here), and co-panelists were Shane Farthing of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and Veronica Davis of Black Women Bike. As always, Kojo was a fantastic… Read more »

The State of Cycling Trends and Policies in the DC Region

The Mid-Atlantic Universities Transportation Center has published “Trends and Determinants of Cycling in the Washington D.C. Region,” written by myself and my co-authors Andrea Hamre, Dan Sonenklar, and Paul Goger. Mobility Lab is further publishing the key findings from this report, in two parts. This part highlights our key findings on cycling trends and policies in… Read more »

Maryland Mandatory Bike-Helmet Law Would Make Streets Less Safe

[Editor’s note: This article is republished at care2, where there is a slew of interesting conversation happening in the comments section about the mandatory bike helmet issue. Please check it out and weigh in with your voice.] The research tells us that mandatory bicycle-helmet laws are, perhaps counter-intuitively, a very bad idea when the hope… Read more »