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How are people in the DC region getting to work in 2016?

Initial findings from the Transportation Planning Board’s 2016 State of the Commute analysis Teleworking is up, driving alone is down, and commuters are, on average, traveling farther and longer. Today, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments released the preliminary analysis of its 2016 State of the Commute survey. The regional, triennial report presents a snapshot… Read more »

Peace and Love – Not Scare Mongering – Makes Better Bike-Ped-Car Messaging

Arlington hasn’t unveiled its new PAL marketing campaign yet, but Mobility Lab received a preview of it. Soon to show up on ART buses, in Arlington Metro stations, and in local newspapers, the new series of ads are colorful and friendly in their gentle and light-hearted admonition for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to show each… Read more »

Transportation Agencies: Open Your Data Now

An important tactic for transportation agencies to balance traveler demand on roads and transit is to give people the tools and information they need to make smart choices about how they get around. One such tool is rideshare matching – providing commuters with potential carpool or vanpool matches based on origin, destination, and time of… Read more »

How Capital Bikeshare members use system is becoming clearer

Since Capital Bikeshare’s previous surveys in 2011 and 2012, members of the Washington D.C. region’s bikeshare program have grown a little older, become more widespread throughout the region (rather than simply being from the urban core), and become more prominently affluent white males. This latest survey (see the full survey and executive summary here) –… Read more »

Regional State of the Commute Survey 2013, Arlington Analysis

Every three years, Commuter Connections, the regional transportation demand management (TDM) program of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, commissions a survey of workers in the Washington, DC region in order to understand commute behavior, commute satisfaction, and awareness of TDM programs. In addition to the results that Commuter Connections publishes for the region, Mobility… Read more »

Suburbs – The Secret to D.C.’s Soaring Walkability?

Washington D.C. is the most walkable metropolitan area in the U.S., according to a report by George Washington University and Smart Growth America. The District’s number-one ranking has surprised some, prompting them to ask how D.C. was able to surpass places such as New York City, which not only contains one of the best subway… Read more »

DATA Lauds Mobility Lab’s Tom Fairchild, COG’s Ron Kirby

Tom Fairchild is a connector. Anyone who knows Mobility Lab’s director has experienced his knack for working a room, his ability to speak to virtually anyone, and his habit of making introductions (and high fives). The only down side to this is that it can be hard to get Fairchild to leave an event. He… Read more »

Fairchild and Mobility Lab to be Honored at Upcoming DATA Awards

Mobility Lab and Director Tom Fairchild are proud to be honored at the upcoming Dulles Area Transportation Association (DATA) 28th Anniversary Celebration. Noted by DATA Executive Director Jim Larsen as “a highlight of the evening,” the awards will recognize “outstanding achievement and support by transportation professionals and DATA partners toward accomplishing DATA’s mission of an… Read more »

Which Attributes Make a Community Successful?

This was a presentation I gave along with my colleagues from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments at Mobility Lab in Arlington on February 27, 2014. It details what our Region Forward team is doing in regards to strengthening the economic vitality of “activity centers” throughout the Washington D.C. region. This looks in particular at the… Read more »

Activity Centers Aim to Increase D.C. Region’s Future Growth, Avoid Infrastructure Chaos

I have written about Activity Centers before, to less than stellar Internet traffic. My concerns regarding how to market the regional planning initiative have been shared by my Mobility Lab colleague Paul Mackie, and we have struggled to come up with a hook or angle for these neighborhoods that will capture the imagination of the D.C. public. The difficulty… Read more »