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Suburbs finally figured out a way to get rid of pesky drivers on Waze shortcuts – Slate

Mobility Lab is increasingly concerned about “the Waze effect” on the walkability and general quality of neighborhoods. At this point, it’s difficult to tell whether planners or watchful neighbors are taking the lead on trying to stop cars from cutting through their now-less-peaceful communities. Los Altos Hills, Calif., asked Waze to remove three roads from… Read more »

Transportation Techies: Safer streets with better data

[quote_right][feature_box title=”OPTIONS OPPORTUNITY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]Better data provides opportunities both externally, through road design, and internally, through driver behavior, to make driving safer and more efficient for all road users.[/feature_box][/quote_right]Washington, D.C.-area traffic safety has improved significantly over the past few years, but there is still room for more progress. In the most recent installment of the… Read more »

Uber’s new wave of urban design. Are cities ready?

[quote_right][feature_box title=”TDM TAKEAWAY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]Governments need to support and find ways to integrate sharing-economy systems into the traditional systems.[/feature_box][/quote_right] As far as billion-dollar companies go, if Walmart is the poster child of sprawl, could Uber be the new face of smart growth? Uber, best known for its smartphone-based taxi service, is expanding rapidly with initiatives… Read more »

In rush-hour D.C., abundance of transportation options look “amazing”

At Arlington Transportation Partners and goDCgo, our job is to encourage residents and visitors in the Washington D.C. metro region to consider sustainable and active commutes.[quote_right][feature_box title=”TDM TAKEAWAY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]In the exciting new world of transportation options, it pays to know which ones work best near you.[/feature_box][/quote_right] So we decided to try some of the many options… Read more »

7 Apps Public Transportation Users Need Now

  [quote_right][feature_box title=”TDM TAKEAWAY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]Mobile apps make riding on public transportation much more predictable and enjoyable.[/feature_box][/quote_right] In days gone by, those who used public transit were at the mercy of the drivers or train operators, traffic, and fate. Sure, there were schedules, and you could read the daily newspaper or a paperback while you… Read more »

Use Only What You Need – The Lesson of Apple Maps, Detroit, and 27-Year-Olds

There were two huge announcements in the news a few days ago that I think are more connected than they seem at first glance: Apple Maps announced that it was buying Hopstop and Detroit filed for bankruptcy. They are connected because of what both announcements represent – we are moving more quickly than ever from a car-centric… Read more »

On-Time Arrival App Wins Contest, and You Will Never Miss Another Flight

The creators of a nifty, high-tech airport-arrival app in development won this year’s first-ever “Six-Minute Pitch” competition at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 92nd Annual Meeting. I recently had the opportunity, while they were basking in their victorious glory, to ask co-developers Robert Rodden and Susan Paulus a few questions. Tell me about your app. It’s called… Read more »