Choose Your Own Commuting Adventure

Paul Mackie
Paul is communications director for Mobility Lab. He specializes in storytelling and editing, as well as environmental and pop-culture issues related to transportation.
September 4, 2012

Mobility Lab works closely with several partners, and one of them is Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), which has put together a cute series of short videos that will hopefully help commuters give more thought to how they get to work each day.

The four videos show a group of coworkers figuring out how to simplify their commutes. The video series, called “Choose Your Own Commuting Adventure,” is inspired by both Clue: The Movie and the Choose Your Own Adventure children’s book series.

A new video will be added to ATP’s site each week for a month. The first (above) is focused on transit, with subsequent videos slated to examine bicycling, walking, and carpools.

Some tidbits from the series:

  • Metro makes you beautiful!
  • You can go to Hawaii or Australia on the money you save by not driving to work every day.
  • Sailing camp for your children is much more affordable when you walk to work.
  • And the premium parking spots are yours when you carpool!

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