Neighborhoods and Mass Transit

Transit-oriented communities (TOCs) are neighborhoods that are designed around mass transit services. By increasing access to mobility options through transportation infrastructure and amenities that support non-driving modes such as biking, walking, and micromobility, TOCs aim to provide an improved quality of life to residents, employees, and transit users. TOCs make use of a balanced mix of land use to design a compact neighborhood that makes it easy to live, work and play.

By enhancing access to mobility options, TOCs work towards limiting sprawl and easing traffic congestion. TOCs are characterized by transportation infrastructure and amenities that encourage biking and walking, such as bicycle lanes and parking, bikeshare systems, and pedestrian walkways. TOCs have also integrated the use of micromobility modes such as e-scooters and dockless e-bikes in planning and capital improvements, as these modes become more popular.

As of April 2022, MWCOG identified 19 High-Capacity Transit station areas in Arlington County. Of these, 8 are around Metro Rail, 8 around Streetcar/BRT, and 3 around multi-system areas.

TDM and Transit Oriented Communities

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