Teachers commute to school - They Switch and set the pace

Arlington Public Schools have a goal for only 75 percent of teachers and staff to drive alone to work by 2021. That would mean that 1 in 4 find some other way to get to...

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Lower the Stress of Commuting - I SWITCH for my Blood Pressure

Commuting with another person reduces more than your carbon footprint. Studies show that frustration and tension from driving alone long distances can actually raise a person’s blood pressure and contribute to long term medical problems....

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De-cluttered commuting - I SWITCH to unload

Is your commute weighing you down? If your cluttered car feels like a 4 wheeled storage unit, biking or walking can lighten the load. Sean, an elementary school science teacher, found the benefits of traveling...

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Teachers pay it forward - I SWITCH for my students

Arlington County, Virginia, created a first-in-the-nation program to help school staff and students improve their commutes. Turns out that encouraging transportation mode switches provides more opportunities than expected. Teachers are modeling behavior for students and...

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Bikers & walkers are the happiest commuters - I SWITCH for the smile

Angry drivers, road rage … want to miss it all? Look forward to more smiles on your commute when you bike and walk. Studies show that walkers and bikers are the happiest commuters by a...

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Transportation Tech Improves Commuting Options for Hospital Staff - THE SWITCH - Episode 2

Arlington County in Virginia offers an impressive variety of transportation options. The problem? Many commuters are not aware of the choices available to them. In Episode 2 of THE SWITCH, Mobility Lab used data compiled...

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The TDM ROI Calculators

Mobility Lab produced this video to help introduce policymakers, funders, planners, employers, and real-estate developers to a proven way to calculate transportation demand management programs, to show what a great return on investment they can...

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LA CoMotion luggage robot Gita

Learning about the Gita, a robot that follows you around and carries your stuff, at LA CoMotion.

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LA CoMotion driverless car

Taking a ride in the passenger front seat of an autonomous vehicle at LA CoMotion.

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LA CoMotion urb-e folding scooter

Learning about the urb-e folding scooter at LA CoMotion.

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