Insight into Capital Bikeshare – From the People Who Use It

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New Yorkers, take notice …

Capital Bikeshare just released two new reports containing a wealth of information on its members and how they use the program. The reports contain valuable insights into the many benefits of bikesharing, such as travel cost savings, reduction in car use, health improvements, and local business patronage.

As New York City prepares to begin its own bikeshare program on May 27, they may want to bookmark these reports and give them more than a cursory glance. You see, it seems that many New Yorkers seem to think that their CitiBike bikesharing program is going to be a disaster. Concerns abound over loss of parking spaces, loss of historic integrity and aesthetics, carnage on the roads, and even mice and trash collecting around stations.

It’s not just New York that should take notice of these reports. Major cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Los Angeles are all planning to start their own bikeshare programs soon. From the new Capital Bikeshare reports, here are some of the highlights that people in cities that successfully implement bikeshare systems can look forward to:

  • Capital Bikeshare members saved an average of about $800 annually on travel
  • 80% of respondents said they are more likely to patronize a bikeshare-accessible establishment
  • 50% said they drive a car less often since joining Capital Bikeshare
  • 31.5% reported reduced stress
  • 20.6% reported increased aerobic capacity

Don’t worry New York, all will be good, and you will look back on concerns and objections with amusement in a few months, when you are enjoying the many benefits of bikesharing and the healthy, active, vibrant community that it supports.

To watch the webinar, please go here.

Highlights and the full report are here.

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