The Pre-School Take on Why Bikes Are Good

Today I was honored to present a session at my son’s pre-school on “Why Bikes Are Good Things.”

Jackson and I drew the above poster last night. We brainstormed all the benefits of riding bikes. They are really broken into the categories of healthy, fun, transportation, economic, and environmental.

So it was fun to see his classmates today say what things they thought in regards to why bikes are good.

I was surprised nobody mentioned “fun” and few mentioned things related to health. Many said they were fast for getting around town and most said something related to the environment. I guess “you don’t run over animals” would fall under the “environmental” category, along with “not getting stuck in traffic jams,” “no pollution,” and “no noise.”

I tried to tell them that mommies and daddies spend a huge chunk of their paychecks on housing and transportation. They seemed to get it that using a bike more could save money to buy more toys.

The kids enthusiastically said they would go home and tell their parents that they want to ride bikes this weekend, so it seems my job was completed.

Photo/Drawing by Paul Mackie (and Jackson)

This article was originally published at Pop Culture Lunch Box

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