Proposals to “Trick Out Your Trip” Due Soon

How do you feel when you get to the bus stop? You say to yourself, “Where is this bus? When will it be here? Why am I standing so close to huge metal-box cars flying past me at the speed of light? Where is the shade?”

Or how about the subway platform? “Is the next-train-arrival screen correct? Am I going to make it in time for my meeting? Why didn’t I charge my phone a little more?”

Well, the folks at ioby – “a movement of everyday people” – say it doesn’t have to be this way. They say we can make our transit stops better places and transform them into a fun part of our days.

It’s a simple idea really. Work with your neighbors to make your neighborhoods, and your neighborhood amenities such as transit stops, more beautiful and welcoming places.

With funding from Mobility Lab friends TransitCenter, ioby is seeking proposals for crowd-resourcing campaigns that improve commuting. For inspiration and tips on how to “trick out your trip,” ioby has this guide: 5 Projects Any Community Can Do to Improve the Transit Experience.

For the chance to get matching funding for your project, groups must fill out the quick-and-easy idea form by October 6. See terms and eligibility, and good luck.
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