What is TDM?

TDM OptionsTDM  stands for “transportation demand management.”

It is focused on people, on putting people first. And it functions on two levels.

At its most basic level, TDM is a program of information, encouragement and incentives provided by local or regional organizations to help people know about and use all their transportation options to optimize all modes in the system – and to counterbalance the incentives to drive that are so prevalent in subsidies of parking and roads.  These are both traditional and innovative technology-based services to help people use transit, ridesharing, walking, biking, and telework.

There is also a deeper dimension of TDM that is equally important.  TDM is a principle that should guide everything we do in designing our transportation and physical infrastructure so that alternatives to driving are naturally encouraged and our systems are better balanced.  TDM thus underlies most of the important new initiatives of today:  transit-oriented development, complete streets, walkable activity centers, livability and sustainability initiatives, and integrated corridor management, to name a few examples.

TDM graphicWhen we put these two together and offer robust TDM services in conjunction with properly designed infrastructure, we get the largest impacts and the biggest bang for our buck.

Further Reading:

Arlington’s measurement of its TDM goals looks like this:

Arlington TDM Goals