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What do Northern Virginians want most from government? Relief from traffic congestion – Washington Post

Based on polling from NVTA’s TransAction, Mobility Lab and groups like us are doing a great job of getting people, particularly in Northern Virginia, to understand the importance and inter-relatedness of government work to improve transportation options.

Northern Virginia is home to savvy commuters whose knowledge of transportation issues in the region has grown dramatically since 2015. Commuters know that traffic jams come with the territory and are willing to put up with some congestion, but many say congestion on the region’s roadways is close to unacceptable.

The survey found that most commuters get their traffic information from traditional news outlets such as TV, radio and newspapers. Even so a growing number are turning to social networks like Twitter for real-time traffic information. About 31 percent said they find traffic information on social media versus 24 percent in 2015.

Respondents were more likely to remember negative news about transportation in the region versus positive news. Of that negative news, most involved the Metro system.

There also were misgivings about self-driving cars and respondents said they would like to see new or improved highway and/or transit crossing of the Potomac River.

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