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Apple campus nears opening as Cupertino focuses on traffic – Mercury News

We wrote a while back that we thought Apple made a poor decision to build a mammoth headquarters in Cupertino, California miles from public transportation and adequate housing. Leadership for the tech giant maintains that the new campus will offer “a serene environment reflecting Apple’s values of innovation, ease of use, and beauty.” So now that the numbers are coming out, how is Apple doing?

Currently, the main Apple campus has a 28 percent transportation demand management rate, which means that 28 percent of employees at that campus use an alternate mode of transportation, other than a single-occupancy vehicle, to get to work, according to the presentation. The city is expecting Apple to keep that same percentage at the new campus, but is hoping to ultimately see it rise to 34 percent, with potential penalties in place if Apple does not comply.

Traffic improvements around Tantau Avenue are expected to be completed in May or June and will include bike lanes along a full segment from Homestead Road to Stevens Creek Boulevard.

“Once the campus is done, the bicycle accommodations will be much improved over what you see now with all the construction going on,” Stillman said.

Stillman said Apple is providing 1,000 bicycles on the campus for employees to use on the campus and for going to and from other Apple properties. Upon completion, the campus will boast 2,000 bicycle parking spaces.

We would like to hear more about how Apple is educating its employees about the options they have to get to work.

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