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Metro expected to raise bus, Metrorail fares in its new budget – Washington Post

When it comes to closing a budget shortfall during a period of declining ridership, WMATA has a tough choice to make. The agency is expected to approve a budget this week that will raise rates for Metrorail and Metrobus:

Wiedefeld’s final budget proposal is largely the same as the proposal he floated late last year: peak-period rail fares would increase 10 cents, with $2.25 as the new minimum and a $6 maximum one way. Off-peak fares would be 25 cents more; bus fares also would increase 25 cents, to $2.

But the revised budget includes a few small-scale changes to placate riders who voiced concerns at a January public hearing. Weekly bus passes will remain at the current price, $17.50. Wait times between trains would be reduced to eight minutes between peak travel periods, but headways would remain the same during off-peak times.

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