Every commuter has a story ...

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Off to Work We Go
Our new infographic of how people get to and from Arlington for work, how they mix modes, and where they come from and go.
Getting To and From Arlington
Our latest report details D.C. regional commuting trends in bike, walk, transit, telework, carpool, vanpool, and more.
Driverless Cars
A new report finds that truly autonomous vehicles won't be in the mix until at least 2060.
Real-Estate Trends
New “18-hour cities” among reasons to educate people about growing transportation options.
Telework and Transportation Agencies
Telework is popular enough on its own that TDM agencies can put their focus elsewhere.
Cities and Transit
Real-estate developers are smart to go where transportation options exist.

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Transportation Cost-Savings Calculator

The Transportation Cost-Savings Calculator project is designed to monetize a range of benefits in terms that are understandable and compelling to policy makers. In an era of constrained funding, it is critical that the TDM industry effectively communicates the value of these investments.