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Adam Russell

Adam Russell

Adam is Mobility Lab's former managing editor.

Mobility Lab Express #113

The Washington D.C. region has officially made it through SafeTrack, the ambitious maintenance program that forced commuters to rethink their trips as portions of the Metrorail system took their turns shutting down over the last year. WMATA and other agencies worked to offer non-driving commute options to affected riders, demonstrating the need for a wide… Read more »

A quick look at how the D.C. region has been using Capital Bikeshare this year

In addition to the live feed of bikeshare docks that Capital Bikeshare runs through apps like Spotcycle – and soon its own app – the system also releases ridership data on a quarterly basis. The latest, from the first quarter of 2017, is now available, and can be seen in action on Mobility Lab tech adviser… Read more »

See how space for cars, trains, and bikes stacks up in New York City

How much space cities provide to different transportation options is an easily-visualized hint into how they prioritize different ways of getting around, a relationship made even more evident through the basic geometric inefficiencies of driving. As an exercise to investigate just how unfair this allotment of space can be, Moovel Lab, the creative side project of… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #112

Given that our most-read post this week encouraged retailers to embrace bike parking, it’s worth re-upping this post about Arlington County’s guide for bicycle parking standards. Secure, simple racks can go a good way toward encouraging bicycling: a 2012 Virginia Tech study of DC commuters found that people with bike parking at their offices were… Read more »

House reps re-introduce bill to make bikeshare eligible for transit benefits

While many in the industry understand that bikeshare systems are a true transit option and should be treated as such, that distinction has been slow to be codified in federal law. Namely, bikeshare is missing from pre-tax transit benefits that offer many commuters savings on transit passes. Last month, Reps. Joe Crowley (D – N.Y.)… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #111

Regardless of the timing of their arrival, autonomous vehicles will play a significant role in how we discuss congestion in the future. To get ahead of the problem, it’s worth exploring pricing plans to incentivize efficient deployment and behaviors. Mobility Lab’s Managing Director Howard Jennings made the case for this kind of forward thinking recently… Read more »

For safe, separated bikeways, look to… 1930s Britain?

Hidden alongside some otherwise unremarkable roadways across the United Kingdom are bicycle highways that today’s riders would envy. At CityLab, Feargus O’Sullivan reveals the research currently being conducted into these separate bike highways, all of which were built in the 1930s. As historian Carlton Reid conducted research for a new book, he realized that a… Read more »

People who work near Seattle’s protected bike lanes ride to work more often

There’s no question about it: comfortable, safe bicycle infrastructure plays a significant role in encouraging people to ride. In Seattle, an analysis from nonprofit Commute Seattle recently demonstrated how that pays off for commuters: the seven employers with the highest rates of bike commuting are all within one block of a protected bike lane. Zooming… Read more »

Mobility Lab Express #110

It’s the middle of May, and that can only mean one thing: Bike Month. Cities and towns across the country are holding their Bike to Work Days, providing a welcoming, stress-free opportunity for commuters to finally try out a two-wheel commute. Here in Arlington, Va., we’re looking forward to the D.C. region’s Bike to Work… Read more »