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Bernie Wagenblast

Bernie Wagenblast

Bernie is the founder of Transportation Communications Newsletter and the voice of the "next train" announcements in the New York City subway.

Audio: How Transportation Agencies Can Do More With Less

  Here is my latest airing on Transportation Radio, which features Mobility Lab and the work it’s doing to research and publicize Arlington County, Virginia’s cutting-edge transportation programs. Paul Mackie, Mobility Lab’s communications director, discusses the possibilities for transportation agencies nationwide to do more with less funding (which seems to now be a permanent state… Read more »

Documentary Details How Riding Trains Reduces Stress

Less pollution, less congestion … those are good reasons to travel by train, but stress may be an even better one. For instance, people admitted to hospitals for heart attacks have a higher rate of having been in heavy traffic congestion just prior to their medical emergencies than other types of patients. And according to… Read more »

Transportation Planners Begin Early to Make Super Bowls Successful

The Super Bowl isn’t all halftime shows and commercials. For a long time before the big game even begins, transportation professionals are working on plans to move thousands of people. New Orleans officials say that communications is a key to make sure transportation options are available and move residents and visitors around the city efficiently…. Read more »