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Elizabeth Denton

Elizabeth Denton

Elizabeth writes about health and is a business development manager for Arlington Transportation Partners.

Four Ways to Inspire Bike Riders in Your Small Community

This is based on an article originally published by Arlington Transportation Partners. Because of its small geographic size as the fourth-smallest county in the U.S., Arlington County, Virginia is a good example of how small communities and towns can make it easy for people to choose bicycling as a commuting option. Here are four tips… Read more »

Images, Emotions are Keys to Getting People Out of Their Cars

Last month I attended the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference in Sacramento, California. In its seventh year, the conference brings together experts and practitioners interested in understanding more about individual and organizational behavior, and how it relates to climate change, energy usage, sustainable practices, and more. As transportation demand management practitioners, behavior change is… Read more »

Are Humans Still Needed In a World of Smartphone Apps?

Recently I had my first Apple Store app scan-and-pay experience. Apparently it is now possible to walk into an Apple store, find the product you want, scan the barcode with your iPhone and Apple Store app, charge the item to your iTunes account, and walk out with your receipt being emailed to you – all… Read more »

A Tourist is Surprised By San Antonio’s Options

While in San Antonio recently for the Association for Commuter Transportation’s annual conference, I was surprised to discover a range of livability elements I had not expected to find. A bikeshare system, a beautiful walking and biking trail, traffic-calming planter boxes, and people on bikes everywhere greeted us as we began to explore the city. I was excited… Read more »

Why You Should Participate in Bike to Work Day

May is Bike Month throughout the U.S. and Canada, and in the D.C. region specifically, tomorrow is Bike to Work Day. It’s a big party day for area cyclists, even those who regularly commute by bike. Last year, more than 12,000 people registered at a number of pit stops throughout the region, where they were treated to… Read more »

Are You Ready for Walk at Lunch Day?

Have you formed your teams and mapped where you want to walk? Have you broken in new walking shoes? Are you ready to walk? We are, and this video should get you even more in the mood! Arlington Transportation Partners has been working hard to make our three pit stops for the 2013 National Walk… Read more »

Keeping Transportation Personal in a Digital Age

Do you remember telephone operators? Have you ever heard of telephone operators, or switchboard operators? If the only thing that comes to mind are black and white photos of Victorian women seated in rows in front of large panels of cords, then you are correct. Telephone operators, once tasked with connecting phone lines before the… Read more »

LaHood’s Vision of Livability Through Better Transportation Lives On

When U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced he would not serve a second term, it was not a huge shock. I’d heard rumors last summer that he had only planned on serving one term. I think, however, that many were still disappointed when it became official because LaHood has been a huge proponent of all… Read more »

Top 10 Bike and Bus Observations From Copenhagen

As I’ve mentioned here before, Copenhagen is an eye-opening city for multi-modal commuting options. I mean, you’ve gotta love a city with a golden woman on a bicycle overlooking it. In the early 1900s, the Danish capital was regarded as a top cycling city. Then car culture slowly seeped in. There was massive protesting of… Read more »