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Lois DeMeester

Lois DeMeester

Lois is CEO of DS&MG and Mobility Lab. She specializes in business and marketing TDM strategies and tourism.
Pentagon City Metro commuters

WMATA’s SafeTrack program will put regional TDM efforts to the test

Demand for travel options is becoming paramount Transportation demand management programs are often implemented gradually over years of outreach, education, and shifted behaviors, but the coming year will put traffic mitigation to the test. As the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority begins its SafeTrack Metro repair program, tens of thousands of commuters will be added… Read more »

Airlines Reporting Corporation Builds Health and Commuting Options with Arlington’s Help

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is one of hundreds of companies that Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP)  works with to improve the quality-of-life in this vibrant county located directly across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. Pinky Advani, ATP’s manager of business development in the neighborhood of Clarendon, where ARC is located, partnered with Tanya Nass, manager… Read more »

Empty Railway Stations: Why Did We Let This Happen?

I recently came across this article and stunning series of photos on The Daily Mail’s website. The article got me wondering how our infrastructure, in modern and ancient places alike all over the world, has come to this. How did all of these beautiful public-transit stations fall into such states of disrepair? Why did we… Read more »