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Maggie Awad

Maggie Awad

Maggie is the marketing manager at Arlington Transportation Partners.
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Why you should care about other modes now

This article is excerpted from an article at Arlington Transportation Partners. Not too long ago, I was biking down 14th Street and was halfway doored by an SUV that had pulled partially into the bike lane to drop off some passengers. I say halfway because I was able to slow my speed enough that the impact wasn’t completely jarring and… Read more »

The case for long-term TDM programs

As transportation demand management professionals, we know the drill once winter fades and spring is in sight: we gear up for warm weather active transportation challenges to engage residents, visitors, and employees. And while these annual events and challenges are great ways to share a dedicated message and increase the visibility of transportation options, they… Read more »

Why the struggle is real (especially today)

[quote_right][feature_box title=”TRANSPO TAKEAWAY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]In times of disruption, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right transportation option.[/feature_box][/quote_right]As the news of the Metro shutdown spread yesterday, all I could hear on my commute home was whispers of disbelief that an entire system/mode was being shut down. Midweek. For more than 24 hours. Unbelievable…. Read more »

In rush-hour D.C., abundance of transportation options look “amazing”

At Arlington Transportation Partners and goDCgo, our job is to encourage residents and visitors in the Washington D.C. metro region to consider sustainable and active commutes.[quote_right][feature_box title=”TDM TAKEAWAY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]In the exciting new world of transportation options, it pays to know which ones work best near you.[/feature_box][/quote_right] So we decided to try some of the many options… Read more »

Carsharing is Great Even for Car Owners

Cars work best for society when there’s more than one person using them, which is why we like when organizations such as Carma and Ridescout find ways to get people excited about carpooling and carsharing. I mean, who wouldn’t love cat cafes and origami owls? But seriously, aside from all the people you could be… Read more »

Arlington Hotels Helping Drive Public-Transportation Ridership

[quote_right][feature_box title=”TDM TAKEAWAY” title_color=”fff” header_color=”369″]Transit agencies benefit when they provide information about the benefits of public transportation.[/feature_box][/quote_right]When it comes to public transportation, some of Arlington, Virginia’s most forward-thinking businesses are in the hospitality industry. A handful of hotels have recently been recognized for their initiatives, in partnership with Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), to implement transit benefits… Read more »