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Micah Denton

Micah Denton

Micah lives in Arlington, Virginia. He has been a transportation-cyclist since 2007 and is a senior civil-engineering student.
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Exploring Urban and Rural Attitudes on Transportation Options

Anyone who has traveled around the U.S. can attest that rural areas are most easily navigated by car. There are several obvious reasons for this, including long distances between destinations and low travel density, which make buses or other transit systems less efficient and attractive. These physical factors lead to a very high level of… Read more »

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How Do Bicyclists and Pedestrians Get Equal Rights in Car-centric America?

To document the safety risk to cyclists on the Pennsylvania Ave. cycletracks from illegally U-turning car drivers, I took all of these photos within a half-hour, from ~5:45 to 6:15pm 5.21.2013.

I want these bike lanes to be safe for cyclists.

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Pedestrian and Cyclist Rights Are a Horse of a Different Color

I’m going to be writing a series this summer focusing on cultural attitudes towards various transportation methods and how this impacts individual mobility. I’ll save the U.S./Europe comparisons for a later post because there is a wealth of information to extract there. For this first entry, I’d like to start with a basic assessment of… Read more »