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Sonali Soneji

Sonali Soneji

Sonali is a transportation researcher at Simple Solutions Planning & Design, LLC in Arlington, Virginia.

Why Should Local Governments Care About Carsharing?

The “sharing economy” is growing at an astonishing rate in response to economic needs, technological innovation, and cultural changes across the globe. People are sharing things of value that are otherwise underutilized, and in the process building new networks and communities. Through the internet and mobile devices, companies now facilitate sharing your house, your skills… Read more »

Report: Why Should Local Governments Care About Carsharing?

A literature-review-based report that details the public benefits of carsharing and why local governments should care about these benefits. Arlington County’s Master Transportation Plan is used in this report as an example of a set of long-range transportation planning priorities, but many communities have similar documents full of transportation goals and objectives. The report focuses… Read more »

Arlington County Evaluates the Health Benefits of Active Transportation

The health benefits of active transportation, such as bicycling and walking, are well documented. Most recently, a study in the San Francisco Bay area found that increasing median daily walking and bicycling from 4 to just 22 minutes reduced cardiovascular disease and diabetes by 14 percent, premature deaths by 4.8 percent, and years living with disability by… Read more »

Return on Investment of TDM

Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs have historically been implemented to address traffic congestion and air pollution caused by vehicle travel or to reduce transportation energy consumption. The TDM community has developed approaches to measure performance or quantify achievements towards these goals. The impacts of a TDM program are often expressed in terms of reductions in vehicle trips, vehicle… Read more »