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Ted Eytan

Ted Eytan

Ted is a Kaiser Permanente physician in Washington D.C. with an interest in active transportation and health-information technology.

Lincoln Memorial is Top Destination for Tourists on Capital Bikeshare

The Lincoln Memorial has the highest percentage of “casual riders” – typically assumed to be tourists who rent on the fly – on Washington D.C.’s Capital Bikeshare system., at 82.3 percent. We’ve never really had a view of how people are moving around the region on bicycle before CaBi came along and opened up its ridership… Read more »

Bringing Active Transportation, Health, Open Data, and Techies Together in One Place

At the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth), we are huge fans of technology, when it is used to improve community conditions to produce health. That’s why we’re a special guest – or I should say, the DC/MD/VA Transportation Techies is a special guest – at the Center for Total Health, on March 6 (RSVP here). Reason #1… Read more »

From mHealth to Sustainable Mobility: DC Transportation Techies Meetup

My colleague Connie Chen, MD (@ConnieEChen) recently asked me while walking in Washington, DC, what kinds of conferences I go to these days, if not mhealth ones. I replied, “mobile health, but not as in cell phones, as in transportation.” Last evening I attended a new meetup in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, “Transportation Techies”… Read more »

Gearing Up for the 2013 Walking Summit in Washington D.C.

This past weekend was Adams Morgan Day in Washington D.C., and, as my photographs from the event show, I love how our cities are changing to support health for all. You can see the transition clearly in our street festivals, as well as in everyday life here in the D.C. area. This is why Washington D.C…. Read more »

Transportation and Health: A Tour of the Future

In the world of “total health,” transportation and food are part of the health system. These industries combined make up a large chunk of the workforce and produce a large chunk of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. (The GHG numbers need to be interpreted with great care because there’s probably overlap between the industries. If you… Read more »

Walking on Mondays Looks Like a Healthy, Smart Business Strategy

I learned so many things at this past weekend’s Mobility Hack Day, which was held at Mobility Lab, a unique organization in our region and nation. “Mobility” refers to transportation, rather than “mobile technology,” although the two are commingled in this world. I have been following all of the amazing analysis and visualizations of Capital Bikeshare, the… Read more »