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Sam Krassenstein

Sam Krassenstein

Transportation nerd, mini-Metro enthusiast. @GrowTransit #Metro91

Red-Light Cameras Put People at Risk at Intersections, Let’s Fix That

While red light cameras are effective at deterring people from consciously running red lights, I would contend they are not at all effective in producing better drivers. While some people push the envelope or blatantly blow through a red light, many people simply have poor depth or time perception and go through red lights inadvertently… Read more »

Joey and Sam

Scavenging Through All of Metro’s 91 Stations in Under 12 Hours

After preparing for our Metro scavenger hunt, which I detailed in a previous blog post, my roommate Joey and I were ready to begin. We decided to start our journey at 6:00 am sharp on Monday, August 11. We had spent the previous day calculating trip times between our various destinations and way points (38… Read more »

Twitter Metro

Curb Your (Transit) Enthusiasm: How to Make Metro a Fun Adventure

Occasionally you’ll see an article in DCist or the Washington Post about a Metro aficionado who visits every station or spends his vacation taking selfies at each of the different station pylons throughout the system. On Monday, August 11, my roommate, Joey, and I will begin our Metro Scavenger Hunt journey, live tweeting and blogging… Read more »

Quick Fixes for Motorcycles, Scooters Would Improve D.C. Traffic

The bike network in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is alive and well. The Capital Bikeshare program is a wild success despite the bankruptcy of Montreal-based Public Bike System Co. (PBSC), the sole supplier of the program’s bicycles. Arlington bills itself as a place to get your fix for your car-free diet and boasts more… Read more »

USDOT Should Develop a Mobility Scorecard

Anyone who has lived in Washington D.C. for any amount of time is sure to have heard griping – or has griped themselves – about getting around the area. The complaints might be about traffic, Metrorail escalator outages, single-tracking trains, late buses, or many other topics. These are all anecdotal examples of problems and inefficiencies… Read more »

Pedestrian-Bicycle Footbridge Needed at Traffic-Gridlocked Key Bridge

Heading to Washington, D.C. over the Francis Scott Key Bridge can be a daunting task during rush hour, for motorists and pedestrians alike. The Key Bridge exists as the only elevated crossing between Georgetown and Arlington County and is responsible for moving pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. The bridge’s right lane is prone to frequent stops… Read more »